Two new pneumonia cases reported in Beijincustom made rubber bandsg

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Latest on the epidemic:

--136 new pneumonia cases reported and one new death confirmed in Wuhan as of 10 pm Sunday, said local health authorities

--Two new cases found in Daxing district, Beijing

--One case found in Shenzhen, South China"s Guangdong province

--5 cases of suspected corona virus pneumonia reported in Zhejiang

Beijing reported two new coronavirus-related pneumonia cases Monday, according to local health authorities.

Two patients in Beijing"s Daxing district have been transferred to local hospitals for further treatment, said Daxing district Health Commission. The patients are currently in a stable condition.

People who had close contacts with the patients are under observation, and no abnormalities such as fever have been found, the local health commission said.

Clinical symptoms and epidemiological investigations confirmed that the illnesses are coronavirus-related pneumonia, the statement from the local health commission said. The two patients recently traveled to Wuhan, Central China"s Hubei province.

On Sunday, the National Health Commission confirmed the first new coronavirus-related pneumonia case in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. A 66-year-old male who visited relatives in Wuhan was diagnosed with fever and fatigue and later his illness was confirmed this weekend.

East China’s Zhejiang province reported five cases of suspected new corona virus-related pneumonia cases on Monday, according to local health authorities.

Cases were reported in cities including Wenzhou, Zhoushan, Taizhou and Hangzhou since Jan 17 with all patients traveling from Wuhan.

All the patients are currently in stable condition and receiving treatments in isolation at designated hospitals. Those who had close contact with the patients are under medical observation.

By Sunday night, 198 cases have been reported in Wuhan, among whom three people have died, 44 are in critical condition, and 25 have been discharged, according to the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission Monday morning.

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