Homes destroyed by bushfires in Australpromotional rubber wristbandsia, woman charged over blaze

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SYDNEY - An out of control bushfire which swept across northern New South Wales (NSW) in Australia has destroyed six homes and damaged five more, authorities confirmed on Thursday.

The fire charred more than 17,000 hectares of bush surrounding the small town of Tingha where multiple properties were damaged.

NSW fire personnel faced unfavorable weather conditions which contributed to the fire becoming out of control although the initial cause of the blaze was uncertain.

"We do know that there were a number of lightning strikes in that area where those fires were, but in terms of an actual cause, investigations will continue," a spokesperson for the NSW Rural Fire Service said.

Meanwhile, a woman has been charged in relation to another fire in the state"s northeast which continues to burn and destroyed several homes earlier in the week.

NSW police allege that the 40-year-old woman was burning rubbish in a steel drum in her backyard when it became out of control.

Police said when she realized the fire had spread to nearby bushland she alerted authorities and attempted to put it out with a garden hose.

However due to a total fire ban being in place at the time, she will be charged with crimes related to recklessness and negligence.

Hot and windy conditions in the area are beginning to ease and fire authorities have downgraded the threat levels for several fires which continue to burn.

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